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"A Mindset Makeover..." by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

So it seems that we as a people, have developed an established set of attitudes, that we deem law, when it comes to how we operate and deal relationally with each other.

When the fact of the matter is, ideally the societal norms that have become the quote unquote standard, are simply outdated.

What worked within the confines of most personal, familial, or romantic relationships 20 years ago, 12 years ago or 2 years ago for that matter, overtime have seemingly presented itself as disfunction; and therefore is no longer the standard, and should no longer be deemed LAW.

As a people, we have to endeavor to learn, how to deal with one another on an individualistic basis; and in a more unique way, with each given encounter. Just as no two people are the same, no two people interactions are the same either.

It is the thought, or rather the perceived notion that we should be evolving continually in all of our relationships, namely the one with the 'self'.

However, we know that is simply not the case, and that most people become stagnant in their way of thinking; and in how they move, feel, and deal in life period.

Though unfeigned in their pursuits; most people are unwilling to change, unwilling to compromise, and unwilling bend; and when it comes to building, and or maintaining relationships often time we approach each relationship the same. Which is a big "NO-NO"!

Then we wonder why the relationships that we forge often fail miserably at every level.

Which brings me to my next point, if you never make the necessary change(s), with regards to how you think of relationships, and how you in turn approach them; then it is the case that you will keep experiencing these mundane interactions, which are reminiscent to a "Matrix Experience", total insanity.

Therefore, a thorough evaluation of the self is a necessity, in order that you begin to look within; that you might not only begin to change the dynamics of the relationships around you, but likewise cultivate the one within you.

I feel that change is inevitable; so since change is inevitable, why not be it-change for the better; why not be it change that will suite, tailor to, and or cater to a given relationship for the better. Giving said relationships the time, attention, and sustenance needed in order for it to thrive in the right way.

In short there is no cookie cutter, nor has there ever been a general consensus for intricate people interactions, not a real one anyway. For as we know, interchangeably, interactions between people vary from person to person, as I fore-stated no two people are the same.

Therefore, I pose this question: Why have we as people become so fixated in our minds, on the ideal that we can form bonds and relationships, interchangeably with the same formula from person to person?

Hence that brings me to the idea or rather the concept of "A Mindset Makeover".

It is time to approach life and people relationally, differently in this season.

The purpose for this, is so that you can learn to develop more meaningful relationships; relationships with others that will prove to be both fruitful and beneficial.

As I want us to thrive as a people; and in my opinion, the only real way to strive at this, is to be open to the idea of entertaining and accepting people, at the level that they are on; without any judgments, preconceived notions, or inhibitions due to the established set of attitudes that the greater part of society has imposed on us.

In other words begin to accept people for who they are, and not for who you think they should be...nor judge others off the premise or way in which you think they should behave!

I personally am a free spirit, and have lived outside of the scope of standard norms that are deemed acceptable, and have done so for years; and in me pushing against the grain, I have developed and built an awareness of self; and in turn have been able to form relationships, friendships, and bonds with others over the year, that are truly authentic.

This was a result of me choosing to live outside the box, never allowing other's to box me in (I CAN NOT BE BOXED IN); By staying true to myself, and through constantly renewing my mind, and training it to be able to adapt and change with each passing current.

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