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"During Times of Uncertainty..." by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

We are living in some really trying times. We are in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, our economy as we know it is being crushed and is crashing around us; millions of people are out of work; and food prices are through the roof. Even during a major crisis it seems that inflation is inevitable, and that some people simply can't afford to buy basic essentials such as food.

So where do we go from here? We go to GOD! Yes, we go to God in prayer, and we become strategic in the manner in which we pray; as it has become more apparent than ever, that we the general population need a miracle. Yes, we need strategy from the heavens above where Adonai God is seated, in order that we might be able to navigate through this very trying, difficult season with surety.

Then we have the media who has become accustomed to laying it on thick, can y'all say "Propaganda Much", the headlines are utterly bizarre and altogether overwhelming.

Everything from job loss, to the economy folding, to homelessness, to a foreseeable market crash, to scarcity and famine right here in the United States of America. Then there's this whole debacle with this past presidential election, and the Trump administration calling FRAUD, which I foretold according to alphamation given to me by God.

Our current ordeal here in this country and abroad, is altogether mind blowing. Withal, I feel that what is needed in America, and not only just here in America but globally, is real relationship with God during these difficult times of uncertainty. Right relationship with God, through faith and earnest trust in Him is a necessity, to help remedy these current dilemmas that we are up against. For in building right relationship with God, we can rest assure that a strategy will come from on high through prophetic inclination, as a means to help us the people of God navigate this rough season.

In short we will be given a blueprint that will allow us to access all of the provision that God has for us; provision that will be provided for us amply, as a result of us being in right standing with God; provision that is sure to sustain and maintain us as a people, even during these times of uncertainty!

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