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About MsHoliness™


Apostle-Inspirational Speaker-Author & Coach


Apostle MsHoliness A. 

Is a minister and author who speaks and writes both prophetically and inspirationally, who is 

taking the Christian speaking & writing scene to a whole other level!

MsHoliness™ born Adrian Lee Canty is an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ who speaks and writes prophetically under divine inspiration. She is both a minister and an inspirational writer, and is the Founder & CEO of MsHolinessWrites™ Creations LLC, a Christian writing company created to inspire the despondent, the lost, the broken, and or those in need of a #FaithLift! MsHoliness™ is not only an Inspirational Speaker & Writer, but is also a Published Author, Mentor, & Coach.

One of her specialties in panel speaking, where as a panelists she speaks on and addresses the ‘Hot Button Topics’ uncensored and unapologetically! She is also the sole-creator and curator of “Tea By The Wayside” a YouTube segments where she Encourages, Inspires, and Motivates. She is also known for her infamous ‘Tea Talks’ better known as #TeaTalksWithMsHoliness® where she builds up the masses across all social media platforms according to the most Holy faith. MsHoliness™ lives by the mantra, “I Aspire To Lift Others Higher”! Her life’s work has been, continues to be, and is dedicated to serving and service, where she finds new and innovative ways to serve the masses. Inspiring those connected to her, to tap into and unleash all of the purpose that they possess down on the inside. 


MsHoliness' believes that there is a limitless power presence that we all posses down on the inside, that has the authority to move those who believe, from the ground to greatness. For she is no stranger to that power presence, as she has learned to tap into that very power herself over the years; as she has known many difficult times, but was able to overcome them through tapping into the power that was present within her. 


Apostle or MsHoliness™ as she is commonly called, lives by the motto, “It can be you today,

and me tomorrow, or me today and you tomorrow, so be gracious but above all choose to live graciously”.  


She feels that in life, we experience both triumphs and victories, obstacles and hardships; but that through it all, we are to always remain poised in purpose. For time and chance happens to us all, she says; and that it's just a matter of what you choose to do with them both, that will determines the outcome. It is that very train of thought that is the driving force behind her voice and brand, where she hopes to continue to transform many lives, causing a life changing encounter to be had by all, who experience the art of her inspirational speaking and writings.

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