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Book Reviews

First, allow me to say I really enjoyed your book. I love your use of urban words such as "lol..." I think that this will be a huge advantage in drawing your audience in from millennial and generation Z populations. The twists and turns of your plot made for a page-turner, I must admit to feeling anger when Destiny finds out about Arik's betrayal in such a public way. As well as goosebumps when Arik is in a car crash and you are unsure of what will happen to him. I am thankful that you did not end the novel on a cliffhanger. As I finished the story I found myself concerned for the characters, and hopeful of Destiny's and Arik's future together. This type of emotional investment is the telltale sign of a great story, and the fact that I finished the book with a desire to attend church is proof of the fact that this novel is also a powerful testimony.

Jerold Phillips

(Precision Consulting)

After reading through the book, I have to say your writing is incredible and I feel blessed to have been able to assist you. I hope you have plans to write more literature in the future? ~Cheers

Matt (Editor)

"Grace" is a book that is timeless in it's content. It reaches the depth of the reader with real-life issues that can be relatable to many. It's not just a book of poems, with pretty words on pages but shares teachable moments and an uncut testimony. I found myself crying, laughing and pondering my very own issues of life. There is definitely a poem for every season. It was a great blessing as well as an articulate read. Can't wait for the next!

Tracy Renee

(Crowned With Glory


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