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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Your keys won’t open up anybody else’s doors! So don’t worry about the imitators, the haters, or the support drainers!

For what God has purposed and ordained for your life, will only produce purpose, fruit and a harvest, in your life; for their are blessings that are attached to you surname, where it has been purposed by Adonai God! Amen🙌🏽

Therefore, be of good cheer, don’t let one devil in hell steal your joy...speaking from experience, I know that if the enemy is able to clearly identify the thing or things that vex, and or perplex you; that, he in fact will continue to more of it, using said tacts against you!

So as a foreword, I want to encourage you all to keep lifting up the name of the LORD, moving all around your enemies, as if they don’t even exist! Simply because the weapon only becomes prosperous, and or of importance, when you stop long enough to give life to the situation. Don’t keep giving the enemy the tools to and or deamonize you!✍🏽

For we are more than a conquerors through Christ Jesus, who loves us! Selah🙌🏽


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