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“It Is Finished.” by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Whew I don’t know about you all, but I am so happy to see 2021 off!

Who else like me, is glad to see it go?! Here we sit on the Eve of the New Year, and as I reflect I say boy what a year. However, the most important part is that like me, if you are here reading this; guess what? You survived it!!!

2021 by far seemed far more worst than that of 2020, it was for sure 2020 two-point-o Lol; and If I can be frank (honest), this year all but wiped me out mentally and emotionally, and almost spiritually.

I can honestly say that this year was definitely one for the books; where laughed, I smiled, and I cried; though, I think I may have cried more than anything. However, the most important part is that I got through it. But, I must confess, this year was the first time since 2010, that I found myself in an emotional tail-spin, where I literally had to fight for my FAITH! And BABEE I ain’t like that!!! Lol but I endured it all like a trooper by the grace of God, and at the end of the day/year that’s all that matters!

In fact that’s all that matters where you too are concerned, that you endured and fought through it, surviving everything that came to break you. You see it’s not by chance that you and me, are walking clean out of one of the roughest year, or two years so to speak, of our lives. The enemy who is our adversary satan, had to attempt to do everything that he could, to stop us from getting to what’s next. He knew full well that if he could get you to quit, if he could get you to give up, if he could get you to throw in the towel and lose hope; that he in fact could rob you of your promise. You know the promise(s) that God made to you. Because in retrospect, the enemy understood that if he got you to stop believing, if got you to lose hope and robbed you of your faith; that, the LORD GOD in fact would no longer be obligated to perform what He promised. Simple because without FAITH it is impossible to please God.

However, like me, I know that you fought through and contended; not only for the faith but for your FAITH, your faith in GOD that is; and you did so off the belief that God who promised is FAITHFUL! For that cause, I dropped by to let you know that God responds to faith; and is about to reward us for being faithful to Him, for believing in Him when our circumstances said not to, and for trusting him even when it proved difficult. So, I want you to prepare your heart and minds to walk into one of the most amazing seasons of your life with the changing of the New calendar year. I know I am! I am ready to walk into everything that the LORD GOD has prepared for me, it’s my/our DUE SEASON and that settles it! On that note Have an awesome New Years Eve, I will see you on the other side in 2022. Goodbye 2021, “It Is Finished.” HAPPY NEW YEAR🎉

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