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"The Door Is Closed!" by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

If everyone sitting in the room, is not “Willing” ie. Praying for you to Win; and they hate the way that you Shine, and the way that others Love you; One would argue that you should leave the room! However, I say don’t you dare leave the room! But rather, I say put every single person out of the room, who's not For You: (Insert Your Name Here)!

Once they're on the other side of the door, grip the door handle firmly, and slam the door shut, and bolt lock It! That you might rid yourself of The "CONCISION", According To The Book of Philippians 3:2, (Holy Bible). Being careful to surround yourself with the "CONSENSUS", only aligning yourself with those who want you to win at all cost.

In this Season, no more letting your frenemies and enemies sit in your presence, and play in your face! Oh, they may play, but never allow it to be directly in your face! For the table will be set, as GOD has well prepared it, and those treacherous individuals are going to see you blessed the more indeed. However, in this season they are not invited to sit at meat, are going to have to watch you feast from afar this go around. I’m talking watch you from a birds eye view, because the door is closed! Now This Is A Word.✍🏽

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