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"A Christian Love Story: My Life's Journey" Digital


SYNOPSIS: All Destiny ever wanted was to be happy, totally and unadulterated. She had faced many hardships throughout her life, to include losing her precious grandmother, who she affectionately referred to as 'Big Momma'. After her grandmother’s death, Destiny had worked so hard to wear a strong face in the presence of those she loved, namely her sisters Lauren and Cassius, for they were her hearts jewels. Despite Destiny being a devout servant of the most-high God, where she's managed to maintain a solid relationship with the LORD; and despite the love and a bond that she shared with her sisters that was unmatched, there was still something missing. Then one day, suddenly a new love interest found her. Destiny Adrianna Byrd met Arik Giles, jr; and he and she were inseparable from the beginning.

Arik wowed Destiny and managed to find his way into her heart. He matched Destiny's passion for life with an intensity that she had never felt before. Arik was everything that she had ever dreamed of in a man, or was he? What Destiny didn't know was that someone so sinister from Arik’s past, was lurking in the shadows of their love, and that very same someone was about to show her just how dreamy her Arik was. Destiny's newfound happiness was about to be turned upside down in an instance. Everything that she had ever dreamed of would soon become her biggest nightmare! The enemy never fights fair and this fight was about to be an intense one, and so Destiny's Christian Love Story begins.

"A Christian Love Story: My Life's Journey" Digital

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