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MsHoliness through an illustrious compilation of poems make plain the blueprint to this well orchestrated GRACE that is given freely to all, so that by this the one who is reading it will understand its purpose (Habakkuk 2:2). 


What is GRACE? Grace is the vehicle of hope, that will drive a generation that is deemed dead or dying to a place of purpose. This collection of inspirational poems is sure to inspire, uplift, and evoke change in those desiring to change.


This GRACE is to all people and has come to build up that which was demolished; put back together that which was torn apart; make plain that which appears complicated; and make alive again that which has died. 


Get ready to embrace newness, get ready for a resurgence, but above all, get ready to experience this GRACE. For by this GRACE, you shall live and not die.


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