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“A Cause For Celebration!” By MsHoliness A.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Hello God’s Wonderful People of Purpose. This past Wednesday, I celebrated a major milestone. I turned 40!!! Yaay🎉, God did my big one. Wouldn’t you know I’ve been in celebratory mode every since I entered Chapter 40! I must say, my actually Birthday was amazing, I was showered with an abundance of love from near and far, and it made my heart glad! However, the best part about it all, was spending my special day with the love of my life, whom went above and beyond to make sure that my Birthday was extra special. You see that’s what happens when love walks in! When you are surrounded by and with love, it’s a cause for celebration, and we did just that #Celebrated! And on the heels of my birthday festivities, I realized that I don’t celebrate the gift of life enough.

On that premise alone, I have made a conscience decision to celebrate my life, life period in a big way everyday going–forth!

Now, I am not saying that I am going to have huge extravaganza’s daily, but what I am saying, is that I am going to enjoy my life to fullest, like I once use to, and treat everyday like the gift from God, that it is; and I want to suggest that you all should too. What the coming of this new epoch has taught me, is that time fly’s when you’re having fun, and that before you know it, you’re half way through the fun! Sometimes on this journey called life, we can get so caught–up with the hustle and bustle of things, and become so busy making a living, that we actually forget to live and enjoy our lives. In essence we forget to celebrate!

With that being said, like me, I want you all to vow, that you too will be intentional about celebrating the gift of life, that you are so blessed to be given by God, each day. So in this season and going–forth, let us vow to celebrate daily, giving God glory, by showing high-levels of gratitude, taking time out of our days to do something special for ourselves; even if that something special looks like taking a selfie, a spa day, going for a walk, rocking out to your favorite song alone, buying that special something you’ve been eyeing, indulging in great conversation, or linking up with friends or loved ones for happy hour; and or for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! Whatever the case, just make sure that you do something to celebrate you, because surely your life is a gift, you matter, you deserved to be celebrated. As we are a cause for celebration!

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