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"A Changing World..." by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

In a changing world where being someone who is technologically sound is a necessity, we currently find ourselves met with a dilemma. As most humans are creatures of habit, who become so habitual in their day to day routines, that the age old adage of ‘Out With The Old, In With The New’, seems all but overwhelming.

The idea of this digital technological age that we are quickly advancing towards is unfamiliar or rather is unchartered territory, so we think. Ironically for the past 30 years our minds have been being duly processed and conditioned for adaptation, where the advancement of robotics, engineering, and nanotechnology is concerned.

Where we find nanotechnology at work in many facets of our lives, in everything from sunscreen lotion, to clothing, to smartphones; likewise the advancements with robotics and engineering are just as evident and prevalent, with everything from smart cars, to medical advancements, and even with everyday appliances that we use in our homes. It’s seems everything has a mind of its own.

So what is real dilemma when it comes to the advancement of this technological age that we are moving into? Especially since its seems we have been exposed to this adage for over a decade. I believe it ties into the notion, that the world is becoming so smart, and technology is advancing so rapidly, that in time there will be no real need for human production. That perceived notion that the need for mass production by humans in the workforce, and in the marketplace is not all that far fetched.

In fact once could argue that human production will in fact become non-essential, at the rate that technology is moving. Which in my opinion is just cause for humankind to inherently resent this onslaught of change.

Although on the other hand, I find myself a bit perplexed concerning this dilemma. As I strongly feel likewise, that there will always be a need for humans and human intelligence in every facet of society. The questions just becomes a matter of the number of human production, that will be needed to justify an end; as the liquidity of mass human production is seemingly inevitable, which will thousands of people in limbo where there marketplace value is concerned.

Hence many will be left learning how to adapt to this new world that is developing right before our eyes. Though I would like to caution, that advancement does not always leave one at a disadvantage, it simple means that it is time to reimagine, and begin to cultivate your life and your day to day routines through a different lens, in this changing world.

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