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“After This…” by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Hello wonderful people of purpose. As we are nearing close to the end of the 8th month of 2021, I want to let you all know according to what God had willed for us His people, that after this month the problems that have been plaguing some of us, shall plague us no more. I want you to know that if you have been on the downside of up, that you my friend are on your way to the mountain top from here. You are on your way up Godspeed, as it is the Lord God who is establishing you with surety. Therefore trust and know that when God establishes you and puts you on top, that it’s up from there and that the manner in which God is changing the trajectory of your life, it’s most definitely about to stick! The blessings are going to be altogether stuck! In other words, for some of you, your story is after God puts you; while for many of us, our story is after Gods puts us back on; however, collectively our stations in life going forward are going to look something like: Psalm 27:6; and it read like this, “And now [(MsHoliness™️)[insert your name] head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me“. In other words the Lord is about to loose and release the promises that He made to us, His wonderful people of purpose: You know the promises that enemy though He thwarted. Yes those promises, and the amazing thing is, all of of your enemies are going to see God come through on the promise. As the Lord God is going to position us to the degree that not one devil who prayed against, and or fought the will of God for our lives will miss it, Selah! So in this last stretch of this year, the Lord God is going to do, which means He God is going to perform and bring to past those things that He spoke concerning your life aforetime. Yup, you heard right, God is restoring order in the lives of us who this word is for, and He God is about to come through for us His people in a VERY BIG WAY; so big, that it will be undeniable that it was the hand of Lord God who did it!

Eventhough, this last storm almost took many of us all but out, the Lord God strengthened us to the degree, that we had the ability to weather every aspect of our trails; all so that He cold He God could show up for you in a MAJOR WAY, and get the entire GLORY giving us major VICTORY in Jesus name! It is so ordered.✍🏽

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