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"Be Present In The Moment..." by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Today's piece is hinged upon being "Present In The Moment". Allow me a space to make sense of exactly what it means to be present in the moment. So being "Present In The Moment" simply means that when endeavoring to do anything you have the will to do and be. In short your head and heart is in it, and you are going to do everything within your power to bring everything that has been ordained for your life to pass. You are going to assure that you do everything on your part to make the dream possible, you are going to be diligent at cultivating so that you can see a thing materialize, and you are going to make every effort to see everything that you desire and deserve come to fruition.

Yes I said desire and deserve. Desire having stemmed from those things, or those desires so to speak that the Lord has built in us as His wonderful people of purpose, according to His plan(s) for our lives. With the things that you deserve, being the things that you have worked for and are deserving of; As I am a firm believer, that one should be rewarded for being diligent while hard at work.

As I digress to be 'Present In The Moment' is indicative that one must be tenacious and have a fervor determination to see all of their goals, visions, and dreams come to fruition.

These sort of individuals are not the kind to lay in the background, or just sit back idly and watch life happen around them, or to and for everyone else. Rather these individuals are your go-getter's, they are your doer's, and they are indeed your finisher's. Like myself, said individuals are passionate about purpose, and are relentless enough to finish everything that they start, following it through to completion, no matter what obstacles and or problematic things they encounter along the way.

They know and understand that to be present in the moment means to get a thing done by any means necessary, it's understood that in being present one is to never break course, and is to always endeavor to follow suit in order to achieve an end goal. Therefore it's safe to assume that one who is 'Present In The Moment', is one who has mastered getting what they want and need out of life, and do not take the word "No" for an answer; it's also safe to assume that these individuals are your movers and shakers in life, where they have the potential to inspire another; in order that others might rise to the occasion, where they too become 'Present', making the most of every God-ordained moment and opportunity that is set before them.

With all of that having been said, I now want you the reader to evaluate yourself, and be 122% honest with "YOU"! Asking yourself : "Am I Present In The Moment"! If your answer is "Yes" then great, by all means keep being intentional and diligent at making life happen the God-way. However, if it is the case that you answered "No", then it is the case that it is time for you to become intentional at working diligently, that you might begin to see and experience a turn around in your circumstances. So that you can have access to the things that have been set aside, and ordained for your life by God.

Because the only was any of us ever begin to fully see the things that we desire manifest and come to fruition, where destiny and purpose is concerned, is by being "Present In The Moment"! I'm talking being so caught up in the moment, like that Nehemiah in the word of God, who had a refusal to come down off the wall: ( Therefore I want to suggest, you like Nehemiah too must have a refusal to come down once you get started, and are 'present in the moment, least the work will cease (i.e. stop).

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