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"Finish and Don't Faint!" by MsHoliness A.

When you think about fainting one would envision a person who suddenly loses consciousness, and is seemingly out of it. Now with that in mind, think upon the word "finish", and in contrast consider that to finish a thing, one would have to stay with it, be consistent and follow "it" said tasks through to completion. In keeping, it is safe to gather, given the argument aforementioned, that one who does not faint finishes. Hence they are finisher and are apt to bring plans, purpose, dreams, and goals to fruition, and complete such task with diligence and in excellence. Which bring me to my next point.

One who is diligent and does things in an excellent manner is a finisher in fact, with he or she having mastered the art of being persistent, and are careful to carry out and complete task thoroughly when performing them. Likewise said persons like you, and myself are also very likely to produce said task at high levels, because of our diligence. Therefore in this season of our lives, it is important that us as Gods wonderful people of purpose remain diligent in all of our endeavors, so that we might finish and not faint. Which in turn means, so that we do not stop at fulfilling purpose and at bringing dreams to fruition in an excellent manner.

Moreover it is equally as important that we crush our goals and complete all of the tasks that have been assigned to our hands, not only with diligence but in excellence, that is might be a good work, a completed work. Us possessing the ability to produce something so great, since it is the case that we have so much greatness within us. For greater is He (GOD), that is in us and at work through; than he that is in and of this world. So be encouraged all of my fellow wonderful people of purpose, for in this season God declares you a finisher. Even amid a world-wide pandemic, and under high-pressure situations, and when faced with challenges, might I suggest that you firmly agree with God! For God will strengthen you and perpetually see you through! #DoNotFaint

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