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“Get Ready For Renewal 2023!” By MsHoliness A.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Blessings, God wonderful people of purpose. It is officially New Year’s Eve, and as we leave out of this calendar year and cross over in to the next–NEW calendar year; I want to declare “ALL THINGS NEW”! Therefore, I speak renewal.

A renewed peace, a renewed mind and mind-set, renewed hope, renewed faith, renewed strength, renewed health, renewed finances, renewed familial–ships and friendships, but above all I speak renewed LOVE of all kinds.

May the LORD God grant us His people prosperity, both spiritually and naturally, and may the favor of God rest over and upon the lives of each and every one of us, who believe and are apt and faithful, to call upon the name of the LORD Jesus.

Let us "THE JUST" continue to live by faith and not by sight, so that we can continue to see the manifestation of what the LORD Jesus has promised to us all, for our lives!

And in this hour, I pray that we the body of  Christ might stand up strong and firm in the LORD as a unified body. Will the "REAL CHRISTIAN’S" please stand up! Stand up and be, and bear witness to what the LORD has done, is doing and will do for his people, when we are faithful and moving in towards God in faith. Living out the perfect will of God, walking out and in, everything that He God has preordained, predestined, and commanded for us to do according to His will!

For by this we attest to the witnesses, that there is nothing too hard for our GOD, and that He has all power and authority in his hands, and that according to our faiths, because of our faithfulness to God, we will always see what God said, and those promises will always manifest in our lives right before our sanctified, Holyghost-filled eyes, and they won’t do anything different, Amen!

Moreover, we have to applaud those who rejoiced when we were enduring fiery trials, and withstanding testing times. Those who thought we were going to stay down, not withstanding that the LORD God only allowed satan to try us by fire, that He might be glorified the more, and in a big way! Knowing that when He God brought us out, giving us the victory over satan with all power, that He would do so with a bang, Selah!

And the gag is, the ones that quote unquote called themselves rejoicing over us and our misfortunes, perceiving that they  had one up on us, putting us down with mocking’s and ridiculing’s, where they put their unholy mouths on us abrasively; are the same individuals who will now get to sit back, and watch the LORD perpetually and continually exalt us His people in this season, and there is nothing that they can do to stop the blessings of the LORD from hitting our lives! And the plot thickens, spoiler alert, the LORD declares, “When He brings us out, that they are going in”! You see, one thing about those tables they always turn dear friend; and by this the wicked, perverse, and unrighteous will soon learn, that any pit that they have dug for God’s righteous, will always become their own.

So rejoice, for we are about to see promise fulfilled in our lives. The Psalm writer said it something like this, “[Our] weeping may have endured for a night, [but I decree, that] joy [has come, and]morning [is here], Selah.

This is the set time, ordained and set forth by our LORD Christ Jesus, where this NEW ERA marks the beginning of a season of recovery and restoration; and the LORD God is going to do the miraculous in our lives, right before the eyes of those who took pleasure in our sufferings. Meanwhile they won’t grow past whatever level they thought they were on last season, and thought they were headed to in this season! Mark my words as the Apostle-Prophet(ess) of the most high God, that God is releasing double to some, triple to others, and even unto others quadruple for all of hell we experienced, and for our troubles! I am witness ya’ll, the promises of God are sure, and although some may think FAVOR ain’t fair, God is FAITHFUL to the faithful, and we God’s wonderful people of purpose are about be real cozy around here!! See you all in the NEW YEAR! Come 2023, hell and the devil is about to see God perform what He promised His entire body, Selah!

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