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“God Is Pouring!” By MsHoliness A.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Good day God’s Wonderful People of Purpose: Understand that we have to be open to what the LORD God wants to do in and of, and through our lives in any given season. Allowing the Holy-ghost to indwell you the more, that God may be able to pour out His spirit the on you to a greater degree (Acts 2:17), where He God refreshes and immersed you the more in the things of the spirit (Ephesians 1:17). Therefore I glory God for the flow of His spirit and for that measure that is being poured out not only on me in this season, but throughout the entire body of Christ!

Personally, God is pouring on me ecclesiastically in this era, both in teaching, revealing and showing me about life! A new way of viewing life anyway; as it pertains to people and the things around me, Amen.

Suddenly I see everything through a new lens, and with even more wisdom, knowledge, understanding, compassion and grace, Amen! And we as a collective, ought to glory God for the new thing that He has done, and for the new metric of revelation that He God is pouring out on us His entire body, through Christ Jesus. For God is pouring new wine, but you have to allow Him to renew you in order for the filling to occur, (Matthew 9:17), Selah!

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