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“It Had To Happen…” by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hello wonderful people of purpose! I want you to know that everything that you have been through, and might be currently going through, had to happen! Yes, everything that you experienced in life, that felt unfair, on the premise that you did everything that you were suppose to be doing, had to happen. However, it didn’t happen to hurt you, tear you down, or break you into pieces; but rather what you experienced, actually came to do quite the opposite. In fact a lot of the things that you and I have experienced, came to teach us some valuable life lessons; and not only just to teach us some valuable lessons, but in turn came to equip us with what we would need for our journey’s, throughout life.

You see there’s this saying, “Experience Is The Best Teacher”, and though we may not like what we have to experience at times. Trust and know, that with each and every passing experience, we’re gaining a level of wisdom and getting an understanding, that could only be learned and ascertained; through what we deem as difficult, trying moments, that develop out of uncomfortable circumstances. However, the good part about it is, after you weather those moments, you gain a new found strength, a strength that better prepares you to be able to handle, and adjust to just about anything that life throws your way. This is the case because you develop a spirit of resilience and triumphancy, that speaks victory, as a result of you surviving and overcoming, the things that had to happen! So cheer up, and look up, because though it had to happen, you were always going to come out on top, that’s Romans 8:28-29 testament. Let us all shout “GLORY”, because out of our lives, the LORD God will always get it all!

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