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“It’s Time To Let Go.” By MsHoliness A.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Hello God’s Wonderful People of Purpose. How have you all been fairing during this 8th month? As for me, things have gotten interesting, a good or shall I say God-interesting, not to be mistaking with God-awful Lol, but interesting for sure say the least! Believe it or not, this month I stepped out of my comfort zone, in an effort to find new, creative way to yield gain. So, I would say this 8th month has “RE-ignited” something within me, where I am intentional to trust God, more than I ever have, Amen. Lol and I know some of you are probably saying that I have the faith of Job or Jo-ab as I like to say, but believe me when I tell you there’s another LEVEL!!!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the tea…Lol and we all know that I live for a good cup of tea.

True tea— last night I had a dream, but not just any dream a ‘Prophetic Dream’, which is typical for me, seeing as though I am a end-time revelator, aka an end-time Apostle-Prophet of the LORD God!

Anywho, in this dream the LORD showed me Pharaoh, you know the one in the Bible, who was down in Egypt holding Gods chosen people hostage. He showed me that just like Pharaoh, some of us have been holding things hostage, that we should have long released.

And that, just like Pharaoh had a refusal to let go of what he perceived as his, or of some significance to him, that because he refused to let go he lost something even dearer to his heart, which his first born son; stay with me because if some of you don’t “Let Go” you’re about to lose something(s) that are dear to your hearts!

God revealed to me that if some of you don’t begin to let go of your ideas of how things should be, or of how you should be doing things, regarding how you should be doing life, period; that ultimately, the vision that He, GOD prepared and gave you for your lives is going to die.

It’s the adage that God has been trying to get many of you to release what’s in your hands, you know the things that you built, or were building, that was never authorized by God, nor are or were ever in God’s plans for your lives. As those are very things that are going to cause most of you to lose, or forfeit so speak, the things that are dear to your hearts, ie. “Gods Provision and Gods Promises”!

You see many of you are believing God for some “Promises” that He made to you aforetime, Lol which simply means in the past; and the bottom-line is that, God can and is willing to perform what He promised, but God needs your cooperation.

You see, God is intentional about seeing His purposes come to past, and will wield circumstances to the degree, that He gets you to surrender. However even in God allowing situations and circumstances to come, that should  put many of you in a position to release your will for His; some of you are Pharaoh 2.0 level stubborn, and refuse to throw your up hands, and surrender and submit to God, which in my mind is unfathomable and Crazy! With a capital ‘C’…but hey who am I to judge! And because you have taken this position or stance, if many of you don’t begin to let go, you are going to lose what it is that God has already purposed and provisioned, and has promised and prepared for you!

So, God needs you His wonderful people of purpose, to yield everything over to Him that was never willed for your lives by Him, in exchange for His will, the will of God!

In doing so, if you relinquish every thing over to God, all of the things and circumstances that you created, He will be careful to put His plans for your life in motion, and bring them to past in an excellent way! Where you will begin to see God execute and make good on what He promised, that the vision might be made manifest. Therefore my friend, ‘It’s Time To Let Go’.

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