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It's Time To SBS: Say It! "Believe It" See IT! by MsHoliness A.

MsHoliness™ wants you wonderful people of purpose to know that, the positive words that you speak or will speak (future tense) into the atmosphere, is what fuels your inner being, and is what causes the manifestation of what you speak out or your heart, with your lips, and or with unspoken thoughts to come to fruition. The power of life and death lies in your tongue, and those of you who love to talk, will eat what your speech produces.

This is what I refer to as the, "Say it, and will you see it effect" you have to be mindful of your thought life, and what you say from day to day! As we give this effect life through what we feel deeply, and declare profoundly with our voices on a perpetual basis. Because many times, what we don't take into account as believer's, is that our thought life is a reflection of how we view our realities. Our lives as faith-bearing believers, is a direct connection to what we know and believe to be true about the tenets of our faith.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that our thought life encompasses faith; and that likewise the power that one possesses, is harnessed into the energy and emotion of one's thought's, where those thoughts become actual in one's life. That's why it is of importance to wield your mind to the degree that you create positive outcomes, with your thought life, as it pertains to purpose; where you become a co-creator of your destiny, where you fulfill your manifested destiny through mindfulness.

I believe this is possible simply because how one sees him or herself, in essence is who and what he or she becomes. This effect also embodies one having the power to speak, or rather give like to what they say band see. For instance the energy of thought and power of speech, is so powerful that both has thee ability to give life to any dead situation(s), or plan that has seemingly failed and or faltered in a season . There is a reformative and resurrective power that we tap into with power of thought; where we say it, believe it, and see it, a thing as possible where it has the ability to live, where the things that we envision for our lives materialize and live.

In other words we have been given the authority, and the power to speak a purposeful life into existence according to the auspices of God. On that premise alone it's time to #SBS: Say a thing, Believe it's going to happen, and then See it manifest! This is what I call the S•B•S Model. "Say it, Believe it, See it!!" The #SBSmodel is simply something I created that entails using faith, and the power of your words, to include positive thoughts and positive reinforcement to create positive outcomes! So learn how to tap into your purpose, where it begins to produce new metrics of ingenuity, so that you may began to see the fruit of your thoughts and words, come alive right before your eyes. But I will not have you ignorant, you can not wield your minds along, where you become disciplined in your thought life alone. You also have to produce through hard work, in being consistent, showing a great level of dedication to what you have been purposed to. So, in this season learn to Say it, until you See it, and remember that Faith coupled with work, is what works!

Be mindful, guard your thoughts, and watch your speech; and always be sure to #SBS with purpose, for you have been purposed for GREATNESS, and I see so much greatness within you! ◄Proverbs18:20-21►

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