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“Live, and Let Live!” By MsHoliness A.

Blessings God's wonderful people of purpose. MsHoliness™ needs for you to begin to relinquish and let go of all things "DEAD"! Yes I need you to stop holding on to dead-end jobs, dead relationships, dead vision(s), and dead dreams!

As it is imperative in this season of your lives to let go of every dead thing, that has been seemingly holding you back, preventing you from being who you have been destined to be. It's simply time for you to become! Yes, become all that God has called you to be, so that you can began to live life more abundantly.

Begin to live out every plan and every purpose that God has ordained for your life. And be intentional to walk away from the dead end job and those dead relationships; where, you begin to birth new vision, allowing yourself to dream a new dream, that aligns with the vision that God has provisioned for your life!

So today I need for you to decide to stop holding onto DEAD THINGS, because if you don't let go of them, you will began to decay along with them, and you can't afford to die in this season! Now when I say die, I am not referring to physically dying, Lol just thought I'd clear the air. However, I am talking about all of the purpose that is you and in you dying, I am talking about your hope fading, and about the vision never coming to fruition, or the dream being realized. That's the death or dying that I speak of.

Therefore from this day forward, I declare “LIVE”, for you my friend shall live and declare the works of the Lord, because you have been purposed for GREATNESS, and I see so much greatness within you! And now is your time to live and let live, in Jesus name.

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