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“LORD, Nevertheless!” By MsHoliness A.

That moment when “YOU” want to be good and done with a thing, but God keeps letting it spin the block, like a Bentley in a North Philly hood! Nevertheless, not your will, but will of the LORD be done in all things!!!

If we can all be honest for a moment, how many of you, like me, has had to repent for trying to stop something GOD started.

I am talking like, you really thought you were like a pair scissors, and could just cut it off and out of your life. Lol I know for sure I’ve been there! How could I have been so crazy to think that I could be rid of something or someone, that God said is purposed to stay?

You see that’s sometimes the difficult part about being an OBEDIENT SERVANT of the Lord God, the fact that we are called to tend to people and matters, that we want to be done with!

So you only imagine how that plays out for me an Apostle-Prophet, seeing as though I have been commissioned to build the kingdom, kingdom being all inclusive! In other words I don’t get to pick who I do and do not want to fool up with, when it it the case that I have been preordained by God to love on some people who will prove to be not so lovable.

Nevertheless…see there goes that “nevertheless” again! As I digress, nevertheless, as followers of Christ we are called to love those who get on our last and I do mean last nerve, at times. Likewise not only are we called to love them but we are in many instances called to build the kingdom with them, and work along side them in the vineyard (ministry). And this my friend is why it is imperative to die to your flesh (not literally but spiritually) daily!

Because the reality is, though we may not like everything and everybody that God has called us to, the bottom line is we must submit, be obedient, do it, and get it done in the spirit of love nevertheless, Amen!

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