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"Now God Will Perform It!” by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

For this is the year of the Lords release! So hold on to your tambourines, because this age of manifestation, is about to be one of epic proportions. The last release in last season, was just a foreshadowing of things to come. Therefore this word of knowledge is simply validation concerning every promise that Adonai God will perform in this day! You know, those things that He, God, spoke over your life concerning your life.

As a result of God coming to make good His promise(s), we as people of purpose will begin to see the shift, even before we leave out of this calendar year. However the fulfilling of the promise by God is contingent upon your obedience. In this epoch you must tap into the spirit of obedience, in order to catch this next oncoming wave of increase. This level of release requires a ‘REAL RELATIONSHIP’ with God; to include a deeper anointing, and requires you to come up higher in your will, mind, and emotions; being totally submitted to God in your private lives, not just as an outward show.

For we have entered into a new season (year) in this 9th month, and this word is being fulfilled in its entirety during this epoch (period)!!! For Amos 3:7 declares: “Surely the Lord GOD will not do anything astronomical in the earth, until He reveals it to His servants the prophets.” This is the set time! Now God will perform it, it was already written.✍🏽

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