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“The Power To Endure!” by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Hello wonderful people of purpose, today I want to talk to you about “The Power to Endure“! I know that in both, life and in love, we as people can sometimes experience a level of disappointment, hurt and pain, that at times can feel altogether unreasonable and or unbearable. Where we experience such things, to the degree that it makes us question God, asking “why God!”, “God why me?”, or even “why now”.

However, I want to suggest that it is in those moments, where it feels as if God is far from us, that God is right there with us. The reality is, that the enemy who is Satan, utilizes those moments to attempt to make us as believer’s, feel as if God has forsaken us or has left us alone, and hear me when I say that is the furthest thing from the truth!

You see the truth is, it’s in those very moments that God is actually nearer to us, and it’s just a matter of us as believer’s relying on God to be our peace, and not only our peace but our strength. This is the case because when we experience disappointment, hurt and pain, at and on a level in which we have never experienced it, it can leave us in a fragile weakened state. Weakening us to the degree that we need to be strengthened, and made strong in the strength of God. As those of us, who have ever experienced any real hurt or pain, understands that it takes God to pull you up and out of, what I like to call a fragmented state, or broken place so to speak. So, if before today, you weren’t privy to the fact that it was God who pulled you through and out of, all and any of the circumstances that seemingly came to break you, then now you know!

However because of the things that we experience, at the level in which we experience them, it’s rather hard to fathom, comprehend and or imagine that God would allow you to go through such trying, painful ordeals; and then in the same breath, that God would likewise help you to overcome those very same circumstances, that He allowed you to experience.

Many believer’s have a hard time wrapping their minds around that very fact, simply because of the preconceived notion that “our God would never…”! On the contrary, I want you to know, that “Yes our God would, our God has, our God does, and our God will”. Yes God will in fact allow us to walk through situations that may prove challenging and unpleasant, that bring about disappointment, and cause much hurt and pain at times. The finest example of that would be Gods servant ‘Job’ in the Bible: Most of us ought to be familiar with the account, but for those of you who aren’t, this would be a good time to grab a Holy Bible and delve into ‘Jobs’ experience with God. The book of Job will surely make it, make sense for you!

But let me digress…You see, it is because of said preconceived notion, that we as believer’s, at times, get it in our minds that there is no way that God would allow such things, and or that there is no way that God sees “us” when we go through this or that!

Lol, well let me be the first to tell you, that yes God does allow such things, and that yes God indeed sees “us”, when we His wonderful people of purpose are going through; and that God allows such circumstances, on the premise that He already has a solution and workable plan, and has already given us an assurance that He will see us through. For the word of God tells us, that, God never sleeps or slumbers, (Psalm 121:4), so yes God is always aware of what we His people are going through; and that likewise God promises to never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5);therefore, not only does God see us, but God is right there in the midst with us. In another breath the word of God also tells us, that though bad circumstances arise, that God is always causing said circumstances to work together for our good, (Romans 8:28). Even though, at times the things that we have to endure may not look or feel so good to us!

In essence God allows us to face things that we consider not so ideal, convenient, or comfortable; simply because He has endowed us with a power and presence, that gives us the strength to endure any of life’s challenges that we may be presented with, or found in at any given time; and that essentially none of the disappointment, hurt and or pain that we experience, has the power to take us out!

This is only the case because God is with us every step of the way, rather we feel him near or not, we have to trust and know that God is right there. Trusting and knowing that, so as long as God is with us, that everything will be alright in time. For we as believer’s should know to rely on God for our strength, as relying on God provides us with a peace, and attached to that peace is strength, a strength that has the ability to sustain through anything. A strength that has the power and prowess, to equip us with the fortitude and ability needed to come out of everything, that seemingly comes to break us. Not only do we come out strong in the strength of God, but we come out alive, we come out well, and we come whole in our hearts-minds-and emotions. All because God strengthens us and graces us with The Power To Endure. We only ever have to remember to rely on God, allowing Him to be our strength, knowing that He is always with us, despite how contrary the enemy attempts to make things look or feel, Amen.

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