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“Though It Tarry, The Wait Will Be Worth It!” By MsHoliness A.

Grace & Peace, Gods wonderful people of purpose. I hope all is well with you all, and that you are encouraged greatly in your souls.

I wanted to come by to tell you that: “Though it tarry, the wait will be worth it!”

You see before there was a King David, whom was a man after God’s own heart, there was an Obed, David’s grandfather. Now let’s look at the dynamics of Obed,(Obed equals Promise).

Well let’s jump right into it, Obed was the son of Ruth the moabites, who was the daughter in law of Naomi, who had a next to kinsmen by the name of Bo-az! I am sure we have all heard of Bo-az a time or two, rather you are a church-goer or not.

Now we’re talking about Bo-az, not be mistaken with lame-az, lying-az, deceiving-az, or none of the rest of his sorry-az distant relatives, whom in fact posses the spirit of Satan. As Bo-az was a refined man, a man of authority, a distinguished older man nonetheless, but a man blessed of the LORD nevertheless.

And before Ruth became Obed’s mother she was a young widow, seeing as though while married to Naomi’s son, he passed away, along with his brother and father, not only leaving Ruth widowed, but her mother-in-law was too in fact a widow and of old age. Therefore, according to Hebrew custom during that day; although, Naomi had not another son to marry Ruth off to, there was always a next of kin. Stay with me, I am going somewhere! 😉

Here we have Ruth who is a young widow, who has no kids, and has opted to stick closely to her mother-in-law in-spite of, and remained loyal to her, because of the way that she loved her. I mean for crying out loud they had become family, and one core principle that I believe in personally, is that family does not forsake family, when stuff hits the fan. Lol even though that has not been my experience with my very own family, since my beloved grandmother passed, but that is another story for a different day.

Let me digress, so for that cause, because Ruth was intentional about being loyal to Naomi. She put herself in a position to prosper, according to purpose. And I guess y’all are probably wondering what I mean by that. Well turns out Naomi had an in-law, who we now know to be Boaz, who was loaded I am talking very wealthy, and turns out he was her next to kin, which meant that she could marry Ruth off to him. Oh, and baby when Bo-az saw Ruth, it was about to be on and popping! There was just one small dilemma, there was one other cousin that had rights to Naomi’s now deceased husband’s lot or all of his possessions so to speak, which included that of Ruth. However Bo-az was who and what God has ordained as the blessing, that promise might be fulfilled. So in the end Bo-az got the gurl, according to divine alignment.

You see when God has ordained a thing, it doesn’t matter how long it appears to be taking or takes for it to manifest; and it doesn’t matter what seems to be out of place; or how much wasted time energy, time, and or focus you feel you’ve put into a thing, at the appointed time, which is by divine timing, everything will suddenly just happen. In other with it will divinely align.

The morale of this story is, though things may get chaotic at times, though things may seemingly be delayed, and it may feel like you are in a brick wall season. Keep walking in your purpose, because though where you feel like you should be in life by now, or what you feel like you should have by now, tarry, and has not happen YET! Remain loyal to God, and see won’t he send you a Bo-az ie. a blessing, that will cause you to birth out your “Obed” which is indicative of your promise, that will secure not only your now, but will secure your future and future generations for years to come.

Selah, sayless! 🙌🏽❤️

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