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"What Is One To Do When Awaiting The Promise?" by MsHoliness A.

Hello wonderful people of purpose, not too sure if any of you were able to catch the Facebook live that I did over at, if not be sure to go visit and like our page on Facebook, so that you can stay connected and current.

Also click the link here to watch said LIVE .

So now that that's out of the way, let's get into the topic at hand. What is one to do when "Awaiting The Promise"? This piece is basically going to be a continuation of what was talked about at the end of the aforementioned facebook LIVE from December 08, 2020. In keeping I would like to bring your attentions to a Psalm (or a song) of David, found in the Holy Bible in Psalms chapter 27, verses 13 and 14; and it reads, "13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. This scriptural text is crucial to this piece in the sense that, these two verses sort of sums up, and instructs one on how to wait when waiting.

You see David starts off by letting us know that he would have fainted, which in essence is to say he would have let go, he would have given up; and the big one, he would have doubted God. Hence because David declared that he would have fainted, it is indicative that there was some fear there. When waiting on the Lord to bring a promise, or promises to pass, Lol which is typically the case for me; I've found that it's in that place that one begins to operate in fear, and that he or she indeed begins to faint. Operating in fear is the very thing that will cause you to let go of a promise, give up on a promise, and doubt everything that the LORD God has spoken over your life concerning a promise. So now we know that in order to see a promise come to fruition, that we must in fact remain in faith and not fear; which is evidenced in the passage of scripture, where David indicated, that he would have fainted..."unless he had believed..." .

See having faith and belief in said promise(s), is essentially having faith and belief in the Lord God, and the plans that He has made for our lives. As the plans and promises run congruent, in order to manifest, what it is that God has written concerning our lives aforetime; As it is written. Therefore in our waiting God is interchangeably causing everything to work together for us, both the things that we seemingly consider the bad and the ugly, along with the good (Romans 8:28, Holy Bible). So we are reminded in our waiting, of Gods plan, of Gods love, and of God's promise; and in turn we take heart, and are strengthened, and empowered so to speak while we wait.

Although we may get a little weary in our waiting, because of our faith, trust, and belief in our sovereign God, we are to never give up. Or at least, we shouldn't be so inclined to give up or throw in the towel easily, especially since we now know that giving up is rooted in fear.

So in moments of fear and uncertainty, we are to find our way back to the center, which is essentially finding our way back to God, and what He has promised. We are to allow God to strengthen us in our waiting process, as we continue to endeavor to be progressive in the things that God has called us to, while we wait. Therefore, that my friend is what you do when awaiting the promise.

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