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“When God Changes Things…” By MsHoliness A.

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Blessings God's wonderful people of purpose. So I wanted to talk to you all today about change. As it stands, sometimes we can be standing in a season, a new season in fact, and not even realize or be privy to the mere fact that what we are standing in oft times is something that we have been waiting for, but because the change is so subtle and in some instances we have so grown accustomed to waiting, that we miss the exact moment when things shift.

That’s essentially what it has been like for me lately! The things that I’ve been believing God for, the things that I have been anticipating, and waiting on for a really long time suddenly just happened! Not that I thought they wouldn’t happen, it is just the case that I got so conditioned to sitting in wait—mode, that it took for me to have one of those ah ha realization moments, to even recognize that God had changed things!

Yep, just like that it hit me in an instance, and the reality was that things were unfolding right before my eyes. Needless to say my mind, will, and emotions had to get aligned in order to perceive the reality of what was occurring before me.

Hindsight, after having had this experience in my own life, I want to encourage some of you and say: Don’t get so conditioned to the wait and waiting, that the waiting process overshadows what you have been anticipating for God to do. Even in your waiting, you are to always be present in the moment, having a great expectation for God to perform what He promised at any time, any day now!

The fact of the matter is when God changes things, it’s not only shifts things around you but likewise within you, and it is important for us as God’s wonderful people of purpose to be able to adapt, and adjust to a given season.

For instance when I came out of a major storm almost 7 years ago, I was so fixated on the wait and in wait—mode, that when I was on the other side of in, it proved difficult for me to enjoy my new season at first, because I had conditioned my mind to the degree that I knew God was going to do it, and that’s all well and fine. However, not only do we have to condition our minds for the “God is going to do it”, but we in turn have to condition our minds and gear our expectations at “It’s already done in Jesus name”, Amen.

Here recently what was made known to me is that even when God changes things, it was essentially already done. Romans chp 8:30v explains it something like this, “Moreover whom [God] did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified,” (KJV).

So you see your story, my story, our story was already written well before we knew to align ourselves with God and His will for our lives. Therefore, there is no real conditioning that needs to be done, as that is simply an innate  human response, when bracing ourselves against the vicissitudes of life. However the reality is that we do not need to brace ourselves, we simply need to embrace the will of God for our lives, and stand in and on what God said. That’s when we really get to see a thing for what it is, that's when we're really standing in the moment, and will dare not miss the very moment when God changes things!

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Apr 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great read, truly encouraging!

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