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"WHEN LOVE BLOOMS..." by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

When the thought of something blooming comes to mind, one typically thinks about a flower. Well today I want to suggest that, just as a flower blooms, love blooms!

Yes, "LOVE BLOOMS", and when it blooms, it blooms like unto that of a delicate red rose; It is vibrant, it is bright, it is beautiful, and it is oh so sensual waking one up to its very existence.

In my mind, I perceive that this is how it is when we as people encounter love. It is the case that when love begins to bloom in our lives, it awakens our hearts to it's very existence; and as the inhabitants thereof we begin to experience a vibrant joy, a bright hope, a beautiful peace, and a sensual feeling of aliveness that we would have never known before, had love not taken the time to bloom in our lives.

Now what if I told you that this awesome, incredible LOVE that has the ability to bloom, and wake us up to its very existence, is far more greater than what you could ever really fathom it to be. You see in essence this love is God! For God is LOVE, and if anyone at anytime comes to GOD they must love, because if you do not know GOD, you will never truly know this kind of love, Selah! (1 John 4:7, Holy Bible).

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