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“…with God all things are possible.” By MsHoliness A.

mHey, hey, hey wonderful people of purpose. I want you all to know that, though you might be in a pretty precarious situations right now, inevitably facing the unforeseen, that there is still undoubtably, a way out.

Although you may be someone, who finds yourself steering eye to eye with the unforeseeable; I need you to know my friend, that this is not your end!

Though, I know personally that this season for many, has brought on some challenging circumstances, unpleasantries, struggle, and turmoil, to the likes that we’ve never seen before; or that any of us could have ever imagined in a million lifetimes.

The reality is that, this is the reality of many today, as stark as it may be! However, in spite of said reality, I need you to know that, though the vicissitudes of life may be throwing you for a loop at times; and at other times it may feel like you’re sinking fast, never to rise again; that, that is the farthest thing from truth my friend.

You see the truth is that, although you alone, may not have the propensity to fix your current dilemma’s, and can’t quite see how to navigate through what’s before you. That though it may seem to be impossible to you, and for you to salvage, that with God all things are POSSIBLE!

I want to take this moment to suggest that, “If you could only believe”, (keep that phrase in mind); as this phrase is indicative, that when you develop belief, that the tide will inevitably to turn. However, don’t just believe a sense, where there is a reliance on self to figure things out, or to get you through this trying season. But rather where you solely believe in, and rely on God to get you through. That’s the belief that I need you to tap into right here. Tapping into that metric of belief says, you have came to the resolve that, if God doesn’t do it, it simply can’t be done! So in this unique juncture, that is an unfamiliar space for so many of us, I need you to trust and know, and am here to give you the assurance, that is you put your belief in God, that He undoubtedly, without a shadow of a doubt, will bring you out and on top of, whatever has been trying to keep you down and under. Because it is the case that you would have done everything in your power, to try to make sense of what you’re currently inundated with, as a means to remedy said circumstances so to speak, but it’s going to take God this go round.

So for that cause I need you to believe God, for what you need, and know that, that thing or things that seemed impossible for you, are the very things that God has the capability to make possible for you. Therefore, get ready to see God part your Red Sea! Get ready for God to create a door where there was no door!! And get ready for God to make a way out of no way, period!!!

As an Apostle-Prophet of God, I decree and declare that your belief in God is going to lift your burdens, and that you my friend are already on the outside of what you were in, Amen. It is so ordered in the mighty name of Jesus, (Matthew 19:26).

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