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"You Will Not Fail!" by MsHoliness A.

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Hello all I just dropped by today to encourage you all from a prophetic thought. During my time of meditation the LORD spoke to my spirit, and declared "Daughter You Will Not Fail".

In hearing those words, I understood that not only was this piece of reassurance for me, but that it was in fact a word for all of God's wonderful people of purpose to tap into.

Right here in this season most of us are embarking on, or endeavoring on new ventures, where we are employing unchartered territories and with that often comes uncertainties. For that cause, we become somewhat apprehensive while charting said territory. We begin to ask ourselves questions such as should we be doing this, that, or the other; or are we qualified? In essence we begin to talk ourselves out of what we're endeavoring to embark on, from a place of fear.

That very fear has a way of gripping us so to the point, that it will begin to cause us to begin to fail forward in many of our endeavors. However failing forward is not altogether a bad thing. For in failing forward, undoubtedly so you are still in a unique position to succeed. Although you might be altogether apprehensive, afraid of failing and or of falling short, the fact that you are still trekking forward means that you have what it takes to persist.

It's the forward movement for me!!

In being positioned as such, it gives you the ability to lunge forward, which means you have the ability to go forth, and you do so even in moments of uncertainty and through failure. There is simply something that won't let you fail, it awakens within you, where you begin to weigh heavily on its power and presence. That very same presence and power that you possess on the inside, also gives you the prowess and strength to turn your failing into finishing; where you go the distance, and stay the course even when things prove difficult. In turn as a result of relying on that very power, you move from a place of failing to excelling; attacking both the mission, the goal, the plan, the vision, and all of the purpose in which you are in pursuant of, and you do so with great tenacity. Which assures that you will have great success.

To my point the mere fact that you even begin to lunge out into the deep, to explore the unknown, and employ unchartered territory in the first place, lets me know that you have exactly what is needed to succeed. Although you may be afraid or scared, do it afraid do it scared, just do it anyway; because that same power that raised the LORD Jesus from the dead, is legit the very same power and presence that is working within you, and for that cause my friend you will "FINISH" and "Not FAIL"! You will not FAIL!

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