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"Faithability: If You Would Only, Just Believe!" by MsHoliness A.

Hello God's wonderful people of purpose. I hope that your Februaries have been abundantly blessed thus far. Mines has been fabtabulous, which is to say it's been a ball of "Fabulous and Fantastic" all rolled into one. Though this year started out a little rocky for me, vis-á-vis me relocating back to the East Coast, my battle with covid, family drama and so much more; I can honestly say that things have shifted, and have taking a turn for the better. Notwithstanding, that my circumstances changed seemingly over night, and they did so by faith. You, you heard right all because I maintained the ability to trust that God would intervene. So I guess if safe to say that my faith has literally made me whole.

Therefore, set forth herein this 24th day, I want to encourage you all likewise, to grab ahold of a concept that I term "Faithability". It is imperative that you grab ahold of it, simply because God is calling for you to have faith beyond what you can see, faith being sight beyond what your circumstance say. You see God loves to work amidst the impossible, but likewise it takes your faith to cause God to perform in such a way. See without exercising my faith throughout every ordeal, that I faced coming into this new year, I would not have made it to the other side of what I was in. You see the odds looked stacked against me, and the problematic things that I was faced with surely echoed "Give Up", but I knew better.

I knew enough to grab ahold of faith and operate in that good old "Faithability".

Determining that no matter what my circumstances looked like, or what troubles I was facing; I knew enough to know that God would deliver me out of it all, if I would only just believe.

In short, right here right now, like me, you too must possess mountain moving faith, especially if it is the case that, you in fact need God to move some mountains for you.

It is time for you to operate in your God given ability to believe that He God can, and will work all things out for you! And why will God do it? It's simple, God can deliver, God can heal, and God can set free; for God is not limited in anything that He can do on behalf of you.

it's just a matter of you having enough faith in God and His abilities. For if you can get to a place of believing God and believing in God wholeheartedly, then and only then would you have arrived at a place of seeing the hand of God move in your life. And who doesn't want to see the hand of God moving all up in their life?!

Heck, Lord knows I love to see his hand moving in my life, at every waking moment. There is nothing like seeing God get in your case, and fix your problems. Gods Holy word says it like this, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but it is the Lord who delivers them out of them all," (Psalm 34:19). For this cause as Gods righteous people, as Gods wonderful people of purpose, as people of faith ie. the just shall live by faith; we are to remain in faith, possessing the "Faithability" to believe that, whatever you are in at present, that no matter how it looks, you trust and know that the Lord God is about to bring you out.

If you would only, just believe!

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