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“The Coming Release of Blessings”. By MsHoliness A.

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Hello God’s wonderful people of purpose.

In this up and coming epoch, which begins September 1st, we will see that with the 9th month of Georgian calendar blows in winds of change.

As the 9th month will mark the period of the “Coming Release of Blessings”. As the LORD God is going to begin multiplying the manna (provision) during this period, in order that we His wonderful people of purpose will have more than enough.

The provision that the LORD is sending and releasing at this time, is about to be made so vast, that you will be able to provide sufficiently for not only your households, but for those of your brothers and sisters within the body of Christ, that you are divinely connected to you, Selah!

Same the LORD declares that He is walking us into a season of refreshing and restoration, and that whom He the LORD has made free, is free indeed and that the weight of your fiery trial from last season will be no more!

So, I urge you all, do not be afraid to let go of that which is old, and or that which is no longer beneficial for you, because the Lord is about to give you new things, better things, good things in measure. Therefore be of good courage, stay steadfast in the faith, remember to trust in GOD for all things, and get ready for the release!

For the LORD God declares that this new season will be a season of SUSTAINABILITY, and that what you tried to do, and or did not have the ability to do within your own strength, that He the LORD God will perform it and make it happen in this day. For He God shall fully release the manifold blessing to those of us, who have been ordained to walk with a magnitude of wealth here in the earth realm in this day. That is the word of the LORD, Amen! Well I love you all with the love of the LORD, see you all on the other side of September, Selah!

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