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“HowbeiT…” By MsHoliness A.

As Gods wonderful people of purpose we are called to love and live Holy, because God is love and GOD is holy. HOWBEIT it is the case that you have been conformed to the image and likeness of God, being the new creature that you now are in Christ Jesus, you in fact are to not only bear his attributes inwardly, but are to look like Him on the surface spiritually! For the former you, should be good and buried (hidden in Christ), for behold all things in you should be new, that’s the hope anyway!

Yep, the hope is that you should no longer possess a thought process that is carnal (sinful) in nature, for wherein you should now possess a mind like Christ’! According to Romans 8:7, “…the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.”

You see a carnal mind puts you at odds with God, because that mind will not submit and be fully committed and obedient to the will (law) of God for your life, neither does it want to be. Because the reality is that the carnal mind has another ruler that is not God. And you guessed! It’s God is satan.

With that being said it’s time to turn inwardly, where you begin to set your sights (hearts) on God fully, yielding your wills, minds, emotions over to Him. Because as much as you may think it possible, on the contrary it’s impossible for any of you to love and live holy lives like God (1 Peter 1:16), if you’re still dancing (living carnally) with the devil, and are full of hell inside (inwardly).

You see, you my dear friend have to essentially pick a side, it’s either God or die! Not to be mistaken with ride or die.

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