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“Only But for the Grace of God!” By MsHoliness A.

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Hello God's wonderful people of purpose! I came to encourage you all on today, letting each and everyone of know, that it is all only but for the Grace of God. You're probably wondering what that emcompasses and it's simple, the landscape of your life. Make no mistake about it that are that you are, all that you've accomplished to date, or all that you will come to be is only by God's grace!

You see the grace of God empowers us to do the impossible, because through God's empowering presence nothing is impossible for us to achieve. We just have to be intentional about tapping into the measure of grace that God has empowered us with for our lives, and we do that by tapping into our God-given purpose.

As the divine plan that God has orchestrated for our lives, works best when we fully embrace it. You see it's one thing to have the grace (gift) to do this, that, or the third over your life, but it's a whole other thing to realize it, tap into it, unleash, see it come to fruition and fully manifest. Let me give you an example you could have a grace over your life to be a lawyer, but if you never endeavor to go to law school and actually practice law, you in essence leave that grace untapped. Same you could have a grace over your life for entrepreneurship and business, but if you never endeavor to try your hand at it, you will never become that budding entrepenuer or business mogul.

So in short yes are that we are is only but for the grace of God, but we have to become proactive in the grace in order to see it become active in our lives, say the least, we have to do the work! Yup, God could equip us with everything that we need, and even with us having every tool needed to facilitate our purposes, if we never actually use those tools they are of no effect. For instance have you ever met someone extremely talanted in one facet or another, but he or she lets those talents lay dormant? I am sure you answered "YES", because the reality we all know someone like this, or you in fact may be this person, and if that is you, that all changes today! Simply because this set of people end dying and with them unrealized dreams and visions are buried. That is why it is imperative to begin to change the narrative NOW! I don't want to see another person, not those connect to me in anyway, die, without having fully tapped into their God-given purposes, wherein lies the Grace to do great exploits with your gifts and talents, right here–right now!

Therefore we a God's wonderful people of purpose have to decide from this day forward, that we will leave none of the Grace that is over our lives untapped; and that we will be intentional to use every measure, so that when we leave this earth, we would have emptied out having fulfilled every purpose that God intended for us to fulfill, and we would have done so only but for the Grace of God, Amen.

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Jul 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great read, made me assess my current standing. With that being said, it’s time to hustle! I have been in a slump long enough. Thanks Ms. Holiness, truly awe-inspiring! Lizzy

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