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“I’m Coming Out!” By MsHoliness A.

Updated: May 31, 2023

    Hello, God's wonderful People of Purpose! Many of you like myself have been inconspicuous; However, I want you all to know that it was by design and that God's calling forth a whole new referendum, and is in fact legislating over us His church as the final authority.  Now, I fully know why God kept me and believer's like yourselves, off the grid and off to ourselves in many instances, for such a long time!

It is the case that we had to first observe the sore evil that is happening under the sun, so that we would better know, how to come against the Kingdom of (darkness) with full-force through the power of Christ Jesus, when God sends us His people forth to fufill our kingdom assignments!

Personally, I know that I was put on reserve for such a time as this. As I possess the love, godly boldness, and grace, such as many of you do, that it’s going to take to combat this ardent sin problem, that is not only occurring out here in the world, but that has inevitably crept into the church unawares, Romans 1:25-31.

Therefore I am, you are, we are being called by God to represent the true beauty in holiness and of godly living in this dark day.

We will be the new referendum that God legislates over, who will deliver the message of holiness or hell rooted in love! We will be of the mindset that "they" (those who made a failed attempt) can keep all that other stuff they fancy on these platforms. Because we understand through observation, that there is a sin problem amongst the “churched” and “Uber religious”, and it seems they are none the wiser to what the devil is doing!

Hence, the fight is about to begin, and we are about to have a "Coming Out" party of sorts. We are going to step on the scene ablaze, fueled with the fire of God through the power of the Holyghost. And this go round we are not coming to retrieve money and bleed the people dry, but rather we are coming to retrieve souls and redeem them by the blood of Jesus the Christ, snatching their souls clean out of the hands of the enemy.

By the grace of God "We" shall have great success! For one because God is governing us ie. our hearts, souls and spirits; and for two because we are in no–way concerned with the baseless things of this world, because we know and understand that the only thing that will matter in the end, is our souls being anchored in the LORD God! Selah✍🏽

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May 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It’s time to snatch the souls out of the hand of the enemy.

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